Comedian Maronzio Vance Talks About His Beef with Diddy and Bossip

Recently, I interviewed comedian/actor Maronzio Vance of TV Land's "Lopez" show. I love talking to comedians because they always have funny stories to share and Maronzio was no different.  He talked about having beef with Diddy and the black gossip site, Bossip which dated back to 2008. There's nothing better than a Diddy story told by a comedian. Watch below!

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Below are the original videos that Maronzio made back in 2008. They are entitled Puffy Poison I II and III. Check them out below. 

Maronzio Vance Talks About Lil Yachty and his Fake Baby Doll Appearing on "Lopez"

I interviewed comedian Maronzio Vance who co-stars in "Lopez" on TV Land.  We talked about rapper Lil Yachty making an appearance in one of the upcoming episodes this season. Watch how Maronzio talked about Lil Yachty carried around a gucci dressed fake baby doll that must be acknowledged by everyone around.  You must hear him tell the story. Watch below.

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Quencie Interviews Actor/Comedian, Cedric The Entertainer

I was invited to the set of TV Land's hit show, 'The Soul Man' to interview one of The Kings of Comedy for my online show, Studio Q.  Cedric The Entertainer is one of my favorite comedians, so I was super excited to have the opportunity to interview him.  

What I most love about Cedric is how funny and approachable he is.  Even though he was the star of the show he was very down to earth and cool. This always makes my job so much easier. Everyone is not like that, trust me! He was so much fun! Watch our interview below.