Quencie Interviews Kyanna Simone Simpson Who Played Oprah Winfrey's Younger Character in The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks on HBO

Today, I did a Skype interview with actress Kyanna Simone Simpson who played the younger version of Oprah Winfrey's character in the biopic surrounding Henrietta Lacks life called The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks on HBO. The film tells the true story of Henrietta Lacks, an African-American woman whose cells were used to create the first immortal human cell line. Told through the eyes of her daughter, Deborah Lacks (Oprah Winfrey), the film chronicles her search to learn about the mother she never knew and to understand how the unauthorized harvesting of Lacks’ cancerous cells in 1951 led to unprecedented medical breakthroughs, changing countless lives and the face of medicine forever.

I had so much fun talking to Kyanna about her career, her mentor Latanya Richardson Jackson and what it was like to meet and work with Oprah Winfrey, which was a dream come true for her.  This budding actress who is known for her recurring role on HBO’s miniseries Show Me a Hero is currently working on the film, White Boy Rick starring Matthew McConaughey.  

Check out our fun conversation below. 

Maronzio Vance says Aaron McGruder Never Gave Him Credit for Work on 'The Boondocks'

I interviewed Maronzio Vance of TV Land's 'Lopez" show and among the many things we discussed his love of comic books and animation was right at the top of the list.  In my research for our interview I discovered that he had worked on the popular show "The Boondocks" which was created by Aaron McGruder.  Watch Maronzio talk about how he worked on the show but never received credit. 

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Maronzio Vance on Why Hillary Clinton Lost and America Voted for Donald Trump

Recently, I interviewed comedian Maronzio Vance of TV Land's "Lopez." We covered a wide range of topics in our conversation including politics.  Watch Maronzio share why he thinks America voted for Donald Trump and Hillary lost the election. Press play below.

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Maronzio Vance Talks About Lil Yachty and his Fake Baby Doll Appearing on "Lopez"

I interviewed comedian Maronzio Vance who co-stars in "Lopez" on TV Land.  We talked about rapper Lil Yachty making an appearance in one of the upcoming episodes this season. Watch how Maronzio talked about Lil Yachty carried around a gucci dressed fake baby doll that must be acknowledged by everyone around.  You must hear him tell the story. Watch below.

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Maronzio Vance Talks About Landing Role on George Lopez TV Land Show "Lopez"

I had a great time interviewing comedian/actor Maronzio Vance!  He co-stars with George Lopez in the 2nd season of "Lopez" which premieres March 29th on TV Land.  I loved how he hilariously described what the week of waiting to find out if he had landed the role on the show was like. "It was the longest week of my life. I went from Pharrell to Morgan Freeman in one week!" Watch our conversation below. 

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PHOTO Courtesy of TV Land 

PHOTO Courtesy of TV Land 

Quencie Interviews Don Benjamin

I interviewed model/artist Don Benjamin at T-Boz Unplugged event held at the Avalon in Hollywood.  We talked about his modeling, his music and supporting T-Boz.   I even convinced him to do a quick freestyle. Watch our conversation below. 

Gerald Albright Talks About Working With Whitney Houston

I did a Skype interview with saxophonist Gerald Albright who has played with many of the greats including the late great Whitney Houston.

Check out what Gerald had to say about working with Whitney. Watch below. 

Quencie Interviews Syleena Johnson

I interviewed R&B Diva and soul singer Syleena Johnson at the Daughters of Soul event held at Maverick Flats in LA. She was so cool and down to earth. I loved her on the reality show R&B Divas and really connected with her when she and her family were on an episode of Iyanla's Fix My Life.   Check out our conversation along with her performance from that night below.

Check out our conversation along with her performance from that night below.

Actress Viola Davis Honored with Walk of Fame Star

According to MyNredLA, Actress Viola Davis will receive the 2,596th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Thursday for a film career that has brought her two Oscar nominations and whose latest film “Fences” has made her a strong favorite for a third.  Davis is also the first African American to receive a dramatic lead actress Emmy. She got it for the ABC TV series “How to Get Away with Murder” that has a midseason premiere in two weeks.


Meryl Streep, who co-starred with Davis in the 2008 drama “Doubt,” which brought Davis her first Oscar nomination, was to join her in speaking at the midday ceremony in front of the Marshalls store on Hollywood Boulevard, across from the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

Davis’ other Oscar nomination came in 2012 as best actress for her portrayal of heart-broken but stoic maid Aibileen Clark in the civil rights-era drama “The Help.”  Davis has received Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award nominations for her portrayal of the wife of Denzel Washington’s character in “Fences,” a role that brought a second Tony.

Davis received her first Tony in 2001 for her role as a 35-year-old woman who is forced to fight for the right to abort an unwanted pregnancy work in another play by August Wilson, “King Hedley II.”  Davis is also the recipient of an outstanding lead actress in a drama series Emmy for her starring role in ABC’s “How to Get Away with Murder,” the first African American to receive the award.  The ceremony comes two weeks before the midseason premiere of “How to Get Away With Murder.”  

Congratulations Viola Davis! Check out this interview I did with her on the red carpet

Quencie Interviews DeVon Franklin

I had a blast interviewing DeVon Franklin.  He was the studio executive responsible for movies like Be Cool, Pursuit of Happyness, Karate Kid, Hancock, Jumping The Broom, Heaven is For Real and Sparkle.  We talked about so much in this interview including his book Produced By Faith, Hollywood movies, his wife, actress Meagan Good, Oprah Winfrey and Super Soul Sunday, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Whitney Houston, and much much more. 

Check out my conversation with DeVon Franklin below.

Quencie Interviews Yo Yo at TV One's Unsung Private Screening

Check out interviews I did on the red carpet of Yo Yo's private screening of her Unsung episode which appeared on TV One.  I interviewed Yo Yo, her mom, grandma, cousins and friends about her amazing career in Hip Hop.  I even periscoped live from the event.  Check out all of my Studio Q interviews with everyone below and make sure you watch Yo Yo's Unsung episode on TV One. 

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Happy Tuesday everyone!  I just found another cool social media app that I love. It's called Anchor. Anchor is a free iPhone app that makes it easy to broadcast short audio clips to a global audience in seconds. Your listeners can talk back, sparking instant group conversations that were never before possible. When not recording, listen to authentic humor, knowledge, inspiration, and debate from Anchor’s global collective of personality.  I just did my first wave and I'm looking forward to doing more. Go download Anchor and follow me today. Together, we can have cool conversations about all things entertainment, plus you can give me direct feedback on my celebrity interviews. Listen to my first wave below. It's a bit formal, but give me time, I'll loosen up! 

Quencie Talks JLO, Lamar Odom and Kanye West on OMGossip Show

Yesterday, I had a ball talking about the latest celebrity headlines on Jeremy Hassll's show OMGossip. I weighed in with a host of others about Jennifer Lopez, Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom and Kanye West. Watch below.