Quencie Talks To Regina King on HuffPost Live

I was thrilled to be invited to ask two time Emmy-award winning Regina King a question on HuffPost Live.  The first time I met Regina King was on a red carpet during my first year in LA.   I was there to ask celebrities questions standing with no camera or a voice recorder right next to Entertainment Tonight.  Instead, I remember having a pen and pad.  Yes, I know right - rolls eyes.  

Even though, I had no idea what I was doing Regina King still stopped and talked to me.  I will l ways remember that.  She could have so easily side stepped me.  Celebrities run past reporters without thinking twice.  The fact that she didn't says a lot about her.  I still smile when I think of that moment.  She was already one of my favorite actresses, but after this day she became one of my favorite people. Check out my question to Regina King on HuffPost Live below.