Black Hollywood Weighs in on Reality TV

I interviewed several black actresses on the red carpet of the NAACP theater awards and asked them to weigh in on the popularity of reality stars in acting roles. Check out what they had to say. Watch below. 

Quencie Interviews Erika Alexander

Remember Maxine Shaw, Attorney at Law from the hit 90's sitcom Living Single? Well, I do! I love Erika Alexander and the role that she made so iconic. I was elated to get a chance to interview her at Roland Martin's Hollywood Soiree.  We talked all things 'Cosby Show' and 'Living Single.'  Erika also told us about her role in AMC's Low Winter Sun and a comic book that she, her husband, and brother created called Concrete Park.

My Producer Tam and Erika Alexander

My Producer Tam and Erika Alexander

When my producer, Tam spotted Erika in the room no interview mattered but the one with her. I'm a big fan too, but Tam is a Stan. She has been wanting to meet Erika forever. So glad she finally did.  It was also great to experience just how kind Erika was. I always like to mention when someone is kind, because everyone isn't, so when they are, it should be noted.  A little bit of kindness can go such a long way. 

We always appreciate when the people we loved are actually loveable.  As much as we all loved Max on Living Single, Erika Alexander is even cooler!  Watch my interview with Erika below.