Showtime's Whitney Houston film a go despite competing documentary

According to, Showtime's Whitney Houston documentary will air this year, despite talk that the project has struggled because of a competing Houston documentary authorized by the late singer's estate, says Showtime CEO David Nevins.

"We cleared all the songs we need," Nevins says. "We have 10 or 11 great songs, and I think it's a really good documentary." A premiere date will be announced soon, he says.  The Showtime documentary is from Nick Broomfield, who directed 1998's "Kurt & Courtney," and who confirmed last year that the Houston estate had asked friends and colleagues of the singer not to participate with his production. 

"It probably says more about them than about my production," Broomfield told IndieWire last year. "Not only is it a defensive move, it's something that I don't respect. The kind of behavior you don't normally get in the documentary community. I don't know if it's had much of an effect on me, other than a few sleepless nights. It hasn't changed the film I wanted to make."

Miramax will be releasing the competing documentary, "Whitney," from Oscar-winning director Kevin MacDonald ("The Last King of Scotland), sometime this year. It will feature never-before-seen footage of the singer. Though made in cooperation with Houston's family, the film is expected to delve into the "darker side" of Houston's life. 

Until the premiere of both documentaries you can watch the one I did entitled, For The love of Whitney by clicking below. 

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