Quencie Interviews Kimberly Elise

It was such a cool experience to sit down with the amazingly talented Kimberly Elise and talk about ''Apple Mortgage Cake', which was the first original film from the UP TV Network.  ''Apple Mortgage Cake" told the inspiring real life story of how Angela Logan baked her way out of a financial crisis.  When she was about to lose her Teaneck, New Jersey home she drew from her cooking talent to save her family from homelessness using a cherished family recipe. The home was paid in full, but financial problems arose and a second mortgage was taken to cover her mother's medical and subsequent funeral expenses. After an honest confession about her dire circumstances to friends, family and church members, the life-changing bake sale was on.

I had a great time interviewing Kimberly Elise. She is definitely one of my favorite actresses. I've  loved her in so many great films including, 'Set it Off,' 'Beloved' and who could ever forget her performance in Tyler Perry's 'Diary of A Mad Black Woman.' She embodies the craft. 


Find out in my interview below what it was like for Kimberly Elise to film this compelling story.  Plus, we learn some fun facts about her in my Studio Q Lightning Round! Watch below.