PsychicHeartsEye Talks Whitney Houston, Celebrity Predictions and Who The Next President Will Be

Recently, I ran across a YouTube video by a Celebrity Psychic Medium, PsychicHeartsEye that featured her doing a reading on Whitney Houston. I am a huge fan of Whitney Houston and The Long Island Medium show on TLC, so I definitely watched this video from beginning to end. I've been wanting someone who was psychic to tell me Whitney was okay on the other side every since she passed away and PsychicHeartsEye did just that. After watching her Whitney reading, I  was moved to reach out to her on YouTube for a Studio Q interview. It is my first interview with a Psychic and her first interview period.  

Even though I was a little nervous about having a conversation with someone who can see what most of us  can't, I was totally open to it.   It was exciting to learn more about her gift and hear what she had to share. I've seen many psychics become famous for their gift on mainstream TV like The Long Island Medium, Jonathan Edwards and Tyler Henry, but none of them have ever been a African-American women.  The only black female psychic I've ever seen in the mainstream was Miss Cleo and she was a big joke. PsychicHeartsEye is no joke, she is the real deal.  

In our interview, we talked about what it's been like for her to grow up with her psychic gift. She also predicted who our next president will be and shared 2016 celebrity predictions for Taraji P Henson, Tamar Braxton, Jennifer Lopez, Bill Cosby, Kanye West, and Lamar Odom. Below you can watch the Whitney reading that moved me to interview 'PsychicHeartsEye' along with with my interview  with her.  If you would like a personal reading from PsychicHeartsEye just email her at 

Listen to my phone interview with PsychicHeartsEye below.

Listen to PsychicHeartsEye give 2016 Celebrity Predictions for Taraji P Henson, Jennifer Lopez, Bill Cosby, Kanye West, Lamar Odom and Tamar Braxton. She will also predict who our next president will be.

The reason I contacted PsychicHeartsEye for an interview was because of her Whitney Houston reading on YouTube, so I had to see if she could connect with Whitney before our interview ended. She told me Whitney had a message specifically for me. Listen in to find out what PsychicHeartsEye said Whitney wanted me to know.