Narada Michael Walden Talks Whitney Houston [VIDEO]

I interviewed super producer Narada Michael Walden who produced some of Whitney's biggest hits. He was responsible for producing 18 songs with Whitney including hit songs like "How Will I know," "I Wanna Dance with Somebody," "So Emotional," "Where Do Broken Hearts Go," "All The Man That I Need," "One Moment In Time" for the 1988 Summer Olympics and "I'm Every Woman" for The Bodyguard movie.  In 1993 he shared the Album Of The Year GRAMMY with Whitney Houston for The Bodyguard — Original Soundtrack Album. He also wrote a book about Whitney detailing the brilliance of her voice. I read it and enjoyed it.  I loved reading about what it was like to work with Whitney in the studio.

Check out all the great things he had to share about Whitney in our conversation that took place inside The Grammy Museum. Watch below.

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Whitney's display of awards at The Grammy Museum

Whitney's display of awards at The Grammy Museum

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