Master P Ordered to Pay Estranged Wife almost 30,000 a month in Child and Spousal Support

According to TMZ, a judge has forced Master P to hand over almost $30,000 a month in child and spousal support to Sonya. She will receive $16,574 in spousal support as well as $10,473 in child support. AND Master P has to fork over an additional $200,000 to cover Sonya’s attorney’s fees.  Sonya was also given permission to stay in the family’s Calabasas home, which the rapper was trying to force her out of. He reportedly didn’t want her to bring any other men into the home they share with their children.

TMZ notes that this financial agreement is a temporary one. And once marital assets are identified and added up, support will be adjusted.  After news of their split spread, Sonya, who was with the rapper way before No Limit had success (they married in 1989 and had nine kids), said that she was dead broke and was forced to get on welfare because her husband wouldn’t help her. But with $27,074 a month coming in now (and only three out of nine kids left to take care of), it sounds like she’s going to be quite all right.