Lupita Nyong'o Lands October Vogue Cover

According to Mademnoire, Lupita Nyong’o landed her second Vogue cover, and the outtakes from her photo shoots are amazing. In the October issue, Nyong’o opens up about obstacles faced in her childhood, colorism, and her future children. Check out out a few highlights from her interview below.

On being told as a teenager that her skin was “too dark” for television:

“It didn’t ring true. I just thought, I need to find another way.”

On not being confronted by race until she moved to the United States:

“As Africans, we don’t grow up with a racial identity. We grow up with cultural and ethnic identity before racial identity. I never used the word black as a child. It was never a thing. When was I ever discussing black? Why?”

On making Brooklyn her home, and what she does in her downtime:

“I live alone there. I lie quite low. I take the subway. I do yoga. I meditate.”

On when she hopes to have children:

“I think that will all be determined when I have that moment. When I have that man.”

Sidebar: Flawless!