Listen: Missy Elliott Remembers Whitney Houston with Mary J Blige


I love when people share memories about Whitney Houston. Yesterday I came across this interview with Mary J Blige and Missy Elliott. They covered a lot of different topics about music including missing Whitney Houston. Missy shares a story about Whitney that I had never heard before. It made me smile and tear up at the same time. I miss Whitney too. Listen in below. 

Here's a throwback pic of Whitney, Missy and Rodney Jerkins.  I love that Whitney embraced them and had them work on her My Love is Your Love album. She always spoke so highly of their talent. That is what a true Diva is, one who reaches back and helps those coming up behind her. i love me some Whitney.

Missy also tweeted that she missed Whitney using a clip from my MTV interview! I was so shocked and thrilled. I remember asking Whitney about Missy Elliott. She had nothing but kind things to say. You can watch my Whitney interview below. 

My interview with Whitney was one of the best moments of my life! I am still so grateful.

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