Shonda Rhimes Dishes on 117lb Weight Loss

According to the YBF, Shonda Rhimes has a new trim and slim bod and she's dishing on how she achieved the massive weight loss of 117 pounds!  Extra caught up with the ShondaLand producer at the ABC’s TGIT line-up celebration in Hollywood over the weekend (above right) where Shonda gave the inside scoop on how she dropped all those LBs. Her secret? Good old fashion diet and exercise. She spilled,

"I just decided I was gonna get it together and get healthy; I have some little kids and I want to be around for them. I changed everything I ate — and I hated all of that — and then I hate exercising and I did that, too, and I hated it the whole time.”

Ha! Almost any woman can relate. While she's making healthier eating decisions, Shonda said she still eats what she wants, just in smaller portions to make sure she keeps her calories in check. “I try to make it much less and smaller portions, but you change what your palate wants. I'm suddenly craving fish and salad,” said Ms. Rhimes.

Sidebar: Yes! She looks great!