Kelly Rowland Talks Baby Titan Learning To Walk

Kelly Rowland did an interview about being a new mother with US weekly.  She welcomed son, Titan, in November 2014, and in the nine months since, the singer has made sure to embrace each and every one of her baby boy’s milestones — including the messy ones! “I can’t explain how amazing it has been,” Rowland, 34, tells Us Weekly. “I feel like my life is only getting better but it’s also so much busier!”

Below, Rowland opens up about Titan’s latest milestones, her favorite way to bond with her baby, and the best parenting advice she’s received as she navigates the “beautiful, messy journey” of motherhood.

Us: What new milestones have you recently experienced with Titan?

KR: There are new ones every day! His sense of discovery is at an all-time high right now. He’s pulling himself up, trying to stand, crawling, and taking his first steps into walking.

Us: How do you and Titan like to spend your mommy-and-me time?

KR: I try hard to make time each day for just me and Titan to connect. A lot of days that is naptime. I can close the bedroom door, turn on some music, and just be with him. I also love reading to him and definitely putting him to sleep. It’s one of the times I feel the most connected to him.

Us: As a first-time mom, there’s no doubt you received plenty of advice from other parents. Anything that’s worked for you?

KR: I’m writing letters to Titan now so he can read them when he’s older. Someone bought me a book to hold the letters I have been writing. I feel like when he reads them, he’ll have an understanding of how loved he was, how excited I was for him to arrive, and how much him just being here improved the quality of our life; how much sweeter it is with him in it.

Check out some adorable instagram photos of Kelly Rowland with her adorable son below.