Tiny Files For Divorce from T.I.

It's a wrap! According to TMZ, Tiny has filed for divorce from husband rapper TI.  She filed legal docs earlier this month in Georgia's Henry County. They got married back in 2010 and have 3 kids together, 2 sons and 1 daughter.  The rapper and Tiny had been going through a rough patch that started several months before an awkward photo surfaced showing Tiny pictured with the rapper's nemesis, Floyd Mayweather, and Mariah Carey at her Halloween party.  At the time, Tiny chalked to pressure into taking the photo next to the guy T.I.'s had beef with in the past. You'll recall the rapper and Floyd were involved in a crazy brawl on the Vegas strip back in 2014. Then recently on instagram Tiny was spotted dancing with Mayweather at the party with Mayweather. It was only a quick two step but it caused a lot of social media flutter. I hope their divorce doesn't get messy. I liked them two as a couple. 

According to Baller Alert, in her divorce petition, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle is reportedly coming for half.  T.I. went out and got a separate home from his wife and kids. According to Bossip, Tiny confirms this in her legal documents. Bossip says that Tiny has been paying property taxes on their family’s $1.6 million  mansion a few towns away from TI’s $2 million pad for at least a year. She also says that the couple is swimming in millions of dollars worth of debt, and not only should T.I. pay her child support and alimony, he should also be responsible for paying off the money they owe Uncle Sam.

Tiny is also asking for her attorney’s fees to be paid and if she and her estranged husband can’t come to a decision on child support, visitation, health insurance etc, she would like the judge to step in and make a decision. Should T.I. fight for full custody of their three children she would like a guardian and mental health expert to step in and conduct an at-home study to see who would better parent the children, as well as mental health evaluations for both her and T.I.  Tiny and T.I. have a pretty blended family, but together they share three children, King, 12, Major, 8 and 9 month old Heiress.