Quencie Interviews Gary Michael Houston [Podcast]

Gary Michael Houston and his Aunt Whitney Houston

Gary Michael Houston and his Aunt Whitney Houston

When you hear the name Houston, you automatically think of Greatness. Class. Excellence. Authenticity. TALENT. Cissy Houston…Whitney Houston…now add to that roster, Gary Michael Houston. Gary is the eldest grandson of Cissy Houston and Nephew of Whitney Houston which automatically makes him a more seasoned artist than any indie or upcoming artist.

Traveling the world under the tutelage of his aunt and mentor, the beloved Whitney Houston, Fame means very little to nothing to an individual like Gary Michael. Opposed to immediately diving into the business at 17, Gary Michael obtained two degrees at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, on an athletic scholarship.

With all that he has been exposed to and has experienced, Gary is solely in pursuit of capturing the heart of the listener.  Check out this exclusive Studio Q interview with Gary where we talk about everything from his mixtapes, to 3 independent EPs (CORRUPTION 1-3), to his most recent body of work “The Collins LP.” We also talk about his aunt Whitney Houston and being an independent artist.  

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