Watch Fan 'Go In' on Lauryn Hill About Being Two Hours Late for Concert

According to The YBF, Lauryn Hill was late to her show again, and now, her fans are clapping back about it and to her face!.  To her face.  Last night, Ms. Hill was scheduled to perform at Chastain Park in Atlanta.  The serial tardy-to-the-party singer showed up two hours late.  But that's not all, her show got completely cut mic cords ripped out of speakers, all the power cut, and whole stage went black...thirty minutes into her show.  30 minutes.

There's this little city ordinance rule saying concerts and/or noise can't occur past a certain time.  And Ms. Hill was certainly past that time.  She reportedly threw her hands up begging the powers that be to let her show go on, but that was a NO GO.  When she tried to make up for the super short show by going into the audience and meeting fans, things went left.

While some in the crowd cheered when she left the stage, others boo'd. Check out what happened when Lauryn encountered a fan who read her and told her to be more professional.  By the way, Lauryn's blaming her driver for "getting lost." Watch below.