Facebook Murderer Commits Suicide During Police Chase

According to The NY Post, The ruthless killer who gunned down a Cleveland grandfather and posted the murder on Facebook took his own life in his car Tuesday while being chased by police in Pennsylvania, officials said.

Steve Stephens, 37, was in a McDonald’s parking lot in Erie County, Pa., where a resident spotted him and called the police, Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams told reporters shortly after the saga ended.

Pennsylvania state police gave chase as Stephens took off in his white Ford Fusion but he stopped and blew himself away when troopers approached his car, Williams said.

Stephens “was spotted this morning by PSP members in Erie County. After a brief pursuit, Stephens shot and killed himself,” Pennsylvania state police said in a tweet.

The Cleveland police chief said the area around Erie was scoured Sunday after officials received reports of a ping from Stephens’ cell phone there.  “We were in the process today of going back to do a more thorough search when this transpired,” he said.

Officials said they did not know where Stephens had been before being seen at McDonald’s and whether he had been assisted by someone while on the lam.  Erie Mayor Joe Sinnott said he did not have much information about Stephens’ demise, but he expected to be briefed later by Police Chief Don Dacus, GoErie.com reported.

RIP Robert Godwin.

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