Erykah Badu Sings “On & On” During A High School Lunch Period (Video)

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According to, Ms. Badu recently popped into Malcolm X Shabazz High School in Newark, New Jersey as part of the Dream Directors from the Future Project. There, the Motown Records veteran songstress thought she’d meet the students where they were at…at lunch. There, the mother of three started feeling the music on the P.A. system. Beginning with dancing, Erykah carries on with the teens in the cafeteria. Pretty soon, her own 1997 blockbuster hit “On & On” comes on. The only way to top it? Erykah Badu does a live rendition for the lunch crowd of her hit, with a ton of charisma in the soulful serenade.

Sidebar: I love this! I would have flipped to look up and see her performing at my high school during the lunch hour. They not excited enough!