Bobbi Kristina’s Estate Trustee Quits


According to, the trustee presiding over Bobbi Kristina Brown’s estate has resigned from the job, following over a year of nasty battles with Cissy and Pat Houston, over everything from Bobby Brown, Nick Gordon to money.

Bedelia Hargrove was appointed the estate administrator of Bobbi Kristina’s estate, with her aunt Pat and grandmother Cissy Houston both guardians of her trust, which contained the inheritance left by her mother Whitney Houston.  Hargrove sued Bobbi Kristina’s relatives demanding they be removed as trustees of the estate, due to them refusing to pay bills to the tune of $86k.

The Houston’s responded, accusing her of refusing to let them review the bills. They also accused her of wasting money by continuing on with the wrongful death lawsuit with Nick Gordon, which they believed to be a waste of time due to him not having money or financial security.

Over the course of the legal battle, Hargrove claimed that Cissy and Pat were unable to perform their duties due to their hostility towards Bobbi Kristina’s father Bobby Brown.  Then earlier this month, docs were filed in the case explaining Hargrove has resigned as trustee of Bobbi Kristina’s estate. The docs explain a temporary successor, Ann J. Herrera, has been appointed to take over.

According to docs, Hargrove accepted a position with the DeKalb County Probate Court and officially stepped down as head of the estate on March 3rd.The judge approved the resignation and substitute trustee, but ordered no disbursements can be paid out unless approved by the court but she can pay storage fees, execute tax returns, and pay Bobbi Kristina’s state and federal taxes without him signing off on it.

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