Apollo Nida Engaged In Prison!

According to TMZ, Apollo Nida will appear on 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' from prison and he's bringing his new mystery fiancée along for the ride too.  Sources close to production say Apollo started dating the woman 2 years ago before he started his prison sentence, and they got engaged a couple months ago.  The woman lives in NJ, not far from the the federal prison where he's serving his sentence and she visits twice a week.

She and Apollo have both shot scenes for the upcoming 'RHOA' season, he's on by phone, and we're told producers want to keep her identity under wraps until the episode airs.  The 2 big questions: NO, the fiancée did not shoot scenes with Apollo's ex, but Phaedra Parks' reaction to the relationship was captured , and NO, the fiancée doesn't have a ring.

Sidebar: They need something to spice this show up because it is a snooze fest. At least NeNe kept me laughing.