Almost Christmas is a 'Must See'

I went to see 'Almost Christmas' and it was the first time I laughed out loud all week.  If you are like me and have been swept up in the doom and gloom over the Democrats losing, and Donald Trump now being our president, then go see this movie. It is a great distraction to all that has been going on in our country and will have you smiling after leaving the theater.  

I was hyped as soon as I walked into the theater because I immediately saw the writer and director of the film, David E. Talbert and film co-star Omar Epps. What are the chances that I would see them walking into the theater? I have to say living in LA has its perks. This would never happen in my midwestern hometown.  They were so nice and let my Godson and I take a photo with them. It's so cool when cast and directors pop up to promote their good works. It always excites movie fans like me. Check out my photos below and listen to my 2 minute audio review about the movie. I hope to secure a Studio Q interview with them in the near future, Fingers crossed. In the meantime, go check out the film. 


Kimberly Elise is great in Almost Christmas! Check out my Studio Q interview with her below!