She is an Icon. One of the best to ever do it. She is known as "The Voice."

Travel along as I recount precious memories with the greatest singer of all time! "Nothin' But Love - My Moments with Whitney Houston" by Quencie Thomas is a must-read for any Whitney Houston fan! 

These are the stories that you HAVEN'T HEARD!!! It also offers life lessons about perseverance, tenacity, self-confidence and provides advice along the way. 

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I have completed my read of Quencie Thomas book “Nothin’ But Love”. I downloaded the book yesterday late last night from amazon, so it was like a two-day read for me. It’s a great book, especially for Whitney Houston admirers, fans, & supporters. It’s filled with loving memories of Mrs. Whitney Houston. It’s not one single negative mention of her struggles & addictions. It brought a breath of fresh air in the midst of books & articles written to capitalize off her dark days. There are nice photos, and interactive links to YouTube to see videos of a few selected memories. I found myself wanting more & more after each chapter. I recommend you all go to Quencie.com or amazon.com to download your copy if you haven’t already. It’s a must have in your collection.
— Ryan King #NBL
So I Just Finished Reading “Nothin’ But Love: My Moments With Whitney Houston” And There’s Only One Word To Describe What I Just Read.... AMAZING!!! I Enjoyed It From Beginning From End. Quencie You Did Amazing! Reading The Book I Was Getting Lowkey Jealous Off All The Times You Were In Whitney’s Presence. But I Love How You Spoke About How You Were Determined Every Time. And Even When You Didn’t Get To See Her When You Planned You Still Made It Your Mission To See Her, And That Reminded Me So Much Of Myself. As A Huge Whitney Fanatic Even Though I Never Got The Chance To Meet Whitney I Made It My Mission To See Her Live In Concert. And I Did Just That. Like You I Had The Vision Board & Everything. And I Completed Every Whitney Task Before I Turned 18. Once Again Congratulations Quencie Thomas And I Can’t Wait To See What’s Next. P.S. We Share The Feelings On Clive Davis The Night The Music Stopped.
— Maya Winfrey
Omg Quencie!! I loooooved the book! You had some beautiful encounters with Whitney, and the part that really got me was on every encounter, she never changed. She never wavered on giving so much love to you! You are truly blessed! Whitney was so genuine and so real. She loved you so so much. She was set apart from every other artist out there. I thank you so much for sharing your story and giving everyone the encouragement to go after their dreams and goals.
— Juanita Smith
A+ great job on the book! I really enjoyed it. I’m watching For The Love of Whitney again today. Thanks for sharing I felt like you for a few hour’s reading #NBL cause of Nippy. Chili and chicken sandwich I knew where that came from before I read the chapter. Great Read. You inspired me I’m going to work on my dream asap.
— Sharonda Harris
Q, I absolutely loved your book. It is so well written and I could follow you all the way through. I loved her and know without a doubt she has been the female entertainer of all times. I am with Tam on Patti LaBelle too, she is absolutely one of the best singers of all time. I have seen Patti, but never got to see Whitney due to me having my first child in 83 & another in 87. I, however believe that I knew her songs and was given a voice to sing, so all my family was all calling checking on me when she passed. Anything at the store about it someone would buy for me, plus I re- bought cd’s. I felt like I knew her and even more after reading your book...Thank you for sharing! It is well written and would be a good gift for a fan of the late Whitney Houston.
— Twana Hollis Moore
As a die hard fan, I learned a lot from reading this book, don’t let fear or insecurities keep u because it can cripple u and you can miss out on your dreams if we are not persistent. Also it was great pleasure to read about another’s fan experience, I put myself in you, and Tam shoes as I was reading the book and I was thinking all of how nice, patient, and persistent u were. Oh and I’m jealous, but happy for you too. Very awesome book. This book has taught me many lessons...To cast all fears and insecurities aside and to reach for the stars and let no one or nothing stop you.This book will be with me forever. I have read so many books about Whitney Houston but this one stands out because It was Nothing But Love As Whitney song says.... Quencie you rock. U never mention anything like the tabloids and some of the other books. Lastly, I’m glad you had this experience, because u can talk about it. Dreams do come true.... Thank You.... We love you Whitney.
— Shamika Hinton
Absolutely loved your book Quencie!! I could literally see it come to life right before my eyes!! It was kinda like reading about myself a lil lol.. I could hear Whitney’s voice all through the book... I’m so grateful you did this book in her honor I know deep in my heart she would be very proud of you!! I recommend this book for every hard core fan & fan period.. Beautiful heartfelt stories from a true fan!!! That later became a friend... Please get your copy today!! You won’t be disappointed!!” #NBL #NippyNation #ForeverTeamNippy
— ShaDonna Shanta'e
Quencie Oh my goodness! The ebook is absolutely phenomenal! Once I started reading it, I couldn’t stop. I can’t even begin to tell you how many phone calls & texts I missed. Chapter after chapter just got better & better. I felt like I was living each moment with you. If I didn’t know any better, I would say I had met Whitney & all of her friends! But, we both know better! lol These experiences you could have easily kept to yourself but you didn’t & I personally want to say, “Thank you so much for sharing your Whitney moments with us! I loved it! ❤ #NothinButLove
— Latoska