Quencie Interviews Actress, Kellita Smith of Z Nation

I interviewed Kellita Smith at the NAACP Theater Awards about her role as Roberta Warren in the Syfy post-apocalyptic series, Z Nation.  She is always so much fun when I see her. I met her years ago when I was PA for a day on 'The Bernie Mac Show.'  Kellita is best known for her role as Wanda McCullough in the Fox sitcom The Bernie Mac Show from 2001-2006. I will never forget how she took the time to encourage me about doing my own show, Studio Q. "There are thousands of people who want to do what I do," she said to me about acting, "But you want to do something that's not so saturated. And you got a master's degree, please! You are not a PA. ( A PA is a production assistant) The next time I see you," she said pointing in my face, "It better be with a microphone and a camera crew."  I had only been in LA a year when we had this conversation so the next time I seen Kellita was to pick up my check. I remember giving her a Thank you card for those words.  However, a few years later, I saw her at a Miki Howard concert with my microphone and camera asking for an interview.  You never know who is going to inspire you and share words of wisdom that will really resonate with you. I will always appreciate how she took the time to lift me up. Thanks Kellita. Check out my interview below.