Quencie Interviews Tony Rock [VIDEO]

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I had so much fun interviewing Tony Rock about being the host of TV ONE's new show, "The Game of Dating." During my interview, we talked about his brother Chris Rock, his thoughts on Chrisette Michele performing at Donald Trump's inaugural ball and Steve Harvey's meeting with Donald Trump. Tony did not hold back one bit.  He was so hilarious that a clip from my interview actually went viral.  It has been viewed by over 2 million people on Facebook, by hundreds of thousands of people on Instagram, and became the headline of countless blog posts and radio show segments.  This clip was seen and heard everywhere!  It even made it into the conversation on The Breakfast Club and Dish Nation.  Watch below.

Tony had me laughing non-stop with some of his responses to my questions. He was so entertaining that I think the entire interview should have went viral.  This is my best interview of 2017.  I didn't know a whole lot about Tony Rock before my research for this interview, but following our sit down I became a big fan.  He's not only funny, but he's super smart and shared a lot of great advice. If you want to get your life please press play and watch our entire conversation below!

After my interview clip went viral everyone seemed to have an opinion about what Tony said about Steve Harvey.  I took an unauthorized poll and most people agreed with him.  Yesterday, Tony sat down with Buzz Live and addressed the controversy that surrounded his comments.  I loved how he responded. It was so Brooklyn.  Watch below. 

Quencie Interviews Actor, Joe Morton

I spoke to veteran actor Joe Morton who is nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (Scandal) on the red carpet of The 47th annual NAACP Nominees luncheon.  We talked about his feelings about the Oscar controversy and people calling for Chris Rock to step down as host. His reaction echoed the same sentiments of Whoopi Goldberg when she shared her comments on 'The View.' "Why boycott Chris Rock?" says Joe Morton right off the bat. He goes on to say,  'I think it's too late to boycott the Oscars."  Watch the rest of what he says below.

Sidebar: I love Papa Pope.