Quencie Interviews Actress, Lisa Vidal of Being Mary Jane

I interviewed Lisa Vidal who stars as Kara opposite Gabrielle Union in the BET drama series Being Mary Jane on the red carpet of the NAACP Theater awards.  I love her character on the show.  Even though the show is about Mary Jane they have given her great story lines throughout the seasons.  Check out our conversation below. 

Quencie Interviews Stephen C. Bishop

I interviewed Stephen C. Bishop at the NAACP Theater Awards about his role as David Paulk in the television show Being Mary Jane on BET alongside Gabrielle Union. Not only has Stephen graced our television screens he also signed a free agent contract with the Atlanta Braves and played in 20 games for Atlanta's affiliate in the Pioneer League in 1993. Who knew he was an actor and former baseball player.  Check out our red carpet conversation below. 

Quencie Interviews Aaron D. Spears

I interviewed Aaron D. Spears on the red carpet of the NAACP Theater Awards.  We talked about   his portrayal of Mark Bradley in Being Mary Jane alongside Gabrielle Union.  You may also recognize him from his role as  Justin Barber on the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful and recently in a small role on NBC's hit show 'This is Us.'  Check out our conversation below.