Watch our Whitney Houston Fan Documentary, 'For The Love of Whitney'

Four years ago I relaunched my celebrity interview show, Studio Q online with my bestie, Tam Anderson and our very first red carpet was Whitney Houston's last. I was so happy to get one last hug from the singer I loved so much growing up.  If you're not aware, I interviewed Whitney on an MTV show called Fanatic many years ago and to my delight she never forgot me and always showed me love. 

Quencie and Whitney at MTV Studios in NYC in Nov., 1998

Quencie and Whitney at MTV Studios in NYC in Nov., 1998

A year after Whitney passed, Tam and I decided to create something that would honor Whitney in a positive light. We all know she had struggles but we were tired of hearing about them and didn't want to focus on that. We launched a successful Kickstarter campaign and created a tribute that we are very proud of.

Even though we've never put together a documentary before and had no idea what we were doing we jumped right in there and gave it our all. Once we were done, we were even bold enough to give a completed copy to director of Dark Girls, Bill Duke to view. He actually called us afterwards and said it was 'Brilliant!' Mission accomplished. With an endorsement like that, we were confident we had served Whitney, our backers and fellow Whitney fans well. Shout out to Emmanuel Lewis, fellow Whitney fans and to all of our Kickstarter backers for helping us bring this piece of love to life.

We'd love it if you could support our documentary by watching it and sharing it far and wide. Tam and I were able to get some awesome interviews with Faith Evans, Brely Evans, Cedric the Entertainer, Wayne Linsey, Dawnn Lewis, Jenifer Lewis, Dennis Haysbert, Mikki Taylor, Dawn Richard, Monifah Carter, Miki Howard plus so many more!  Watch the best thing you never saw about Whitney below!