Quencie Interviews Lil Mama

I got a chance to watch Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The TLC Story with Lil Mama herself at Xen Lounge in Studio City, CA.  It was fun to watch her reaction to different parts of the VH-1 movie.  She could only watch in small doses. "I can't watch myself," she yelled one time.  Most of the time she live tweeted or walked around. She just couldn't sit still.  I on the other hand could not move.  It was uncanny how much Lil Mama looked like Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopez. 

She did a great job and seemed to have been born to play this part. According to Deadline, the biopic debuted to record ratings drawing 4.5 million viewers, making it the network's highest-rated telecast in more than five years.  Deadline also reported that CrazySexyCool was the No. 1 original cable movie for the year.  They even won the praises of Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes' sister, Reigndrop Lopes who praised Lil' Mama's performance. "I think Lil Mama did a good job at portraying my sis. She did her homework and studied Lisa. As a fan, I know it was important for Lil Mama to represent Lisa correctly and she did just that! Although the script didn't allow her to bring Lisa's true character to light. She did the best with what she had to work with. All the girls did a good job!" Check out my interview with Lil Mama following the screening. Watch below.