Indira Khan Talks About Playing Iconic Mom, Chaka Khan in Miki Howard Biopic

Last week I spoke to Indira Khan at the launch party for 'Daughters of Soul' at Maverick's Flat in Los Angeles We talked about her playing her iconic mom, Chaka Khan in the Miki Howard biopic, which will debut on TV ONE in June 2016.  We also talked about what it was like to to grow up as Chaka Khan's daughter. Check out our conversation with both Indira Khan and the legendary Chaka Khan below. 

Chaka Khan Plays The Drums To Stevie Wonder's "I Wish" [VIDEO]

Chaka Khan

Chaka Khan

While attending the "Daughters of Soul" launch party, we got a chance to witness greatness - Chaka Khan getting on the drums and jamming to Stevie Wonder's "I Wish."  What a treat!  

Chaka attended the "Daughters of Soul" event because her daughter, Indira Khan, is a part of the project.  Founded by singer, Sandra St. Victor, Daughters of Soul include daughters of six soul legends: Lalah Hathaway (Donny Hathaway), Lisa Simone (Nina Simone), Indira Khan (Chaka Khan), Kori Withers (Bill Withers), Syleena Johnson (Syl Johnson) and Sylvette “Phunne” Stone (The Family Stone’s Sly Stone and Cynthia Robinson). 

Sandra St. Victor has a PledgeMusic campaign to help with the Daughters of Soul documentary, soundtrack and worldwide tour.  Please support this project and the legacy of Soul Music by clicking here: PledgeMusic 

Check out Chaka Khan grooving on the skins (as she called them) below: