Quencie interviews The Late Great Whitney Houston

It's been 18 years since I interviewed Whitney Houston on MTV.  She was and is still my favorite singer of all time.  This was not just your average interview, but more of a moment in time where I was afforded the opportunity to express just how much I loved Whitney.  Anyone who knows me can never forget how much I grew up loving Whitney Houston.  So, this was a big deal, not just because it was Whitney, but because I had been a lifetime fan.

Even though the MTV show I interviewed Whitney Houston on was entitled, 'FANatic,' I absolutely hated that word because to me it highlighted more of the crazy side of a fan instead of the love. So, the first chance I got, I told Whitney I was a friend not a Fan.  From that day on whenever Whitney and I saw each other, "Friend" is what she called me.  I will always love her for that!  Let's go back to 1998 and experience my dream come true interview with the one and only, Whitney Houston!