Nothin' But Love eBook Review

I recently released Nothin' But Love which is an eBook that recounts my moments with the late great Whitney Houston. If you are a hard core Whitney Houston fan like me this is a must read.  I offer you a fan's perspective of meeting Whitney not once, but over and over again. But my book isn't just about Whitney, it is also about overcoming your fears and insecurities, building self-confidence and going after your dreams no matter what your current circumstances are. I have had a lot of great reviews sent to me via Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  However, it wasn't until today that someone actually emailed me a review of my book by each individual chapter.  What?! I was completely blown away by Latwanna's review. It is a great account of her thoughts as she read my eBook.  Thank you Latwanna! I loved every word.  Check out her review below and then download your own copy of Nothin' But Love. 

Book Review by Latwanna Afflick February 22, 2017

Book Title: Nothin’ But Love: My Moments With Whitney Houston by Quencie T. Thomas

Chapter 1: Ain’t Too Proud to Beg -After reading chapter 1 of Quencie’s book, Wow is an understatement. I was too poor to ever imagine attending a concert ever in my life. In fact, I still have never been to a real concert. I love the vivid memory of how it felt when you thought you really had front row seats. You kept a positive attitude throughout the experience and you were intensely persistent. I definitely took notes and I will labor to be just as courageous as you. I would want to share a memory like that with the world. How lucky! Your first concert was to see, Whitney, “The Voice.” Thank you for sharing with us.

Chapter 2  Nosebleed in Chicago -Again, I never attended any concert ever in my life. In your lifetime, you got a lot of wins with Whitney. #1 You got to see her in concert, #2 You got to meet her and become acquainted on a personal level, and #3 Whitney had pictures of you in her house! Total scored! J I would have been just as happy as you for that nosebleed section.

Chapter 3  Oh, I Need a Do-over -I love it! “Bottled up screams!” As I read this chapter, I could feel my own heart leap with excitement as you recalled your memory. What an amazing experience. You literally did exactly what you said you wanted to do. This is the sort of story that people need to read. People need to know that they can have and receive whatever they believe. I really enjoyed reading this chapter. It was like I was there with the three of you.

Chapter 4  You Brought Out the Old Pictures -What a great lesson found in this chapter. You were patient with yourself and you listened to your gut. I will remember this as I move forward in the industry. God was going to give you the gift that you wanted. I cannot wait to read the other chapters to see what happens!

Chapter 5  I’m So Verklempt -“God can dream a dream bigger than you.” I also want to thank Oprah for that quote. Now that one is special and a keeper. You were tested when your mom told you to let Ms. Whitney go...I am so glad that you hung in there to receive your reward for holding on to your dream. I feel like God is talking to me just reading your book. I’m on the edge of my seat...Wow! Are you kidding me? Yes, I believe that MTV FANatic show was the universe’s response to your persistence! I’m totally inspired. From now on I am raising my persistence level and my belief. It is 2 O’clock in the morning and I refuse to go to bed until I complete your book. I even watched the YouTube videos in the chapter and everything to really share that experience. Amazing! God is so faithful and He gives us power in the form of belief every single day if we will just activate it the way you did. Wow! What a thrilling story! Congrats for your dream coming true, Quencie!

Chapter 6  “Uhn, Uh Oprah!” -“Unh, Uh Quencie!” You were very bold to stop Oprah and that was so cool! And here I am saying that I want to be Oprah’s apprentice someday and for years asking God to be the one person who has a career that is comparable to Whitney. Yes, I have been saying it since I knew that she passed away. I looked up to heaven and I asked God to bless me with whatever mantel that she had the same way that Elisha asked for Elisha’s anointing before he went up to heaven. You think your dream was filled with grandeur? I would never share that with anyone except my husband and a few close friends (2 of them). I desire to love the way she did and to glorify God with my gift the way she did. I know I am here for a purpose and Whitney is the only person that I compare myself with. The only difference is that I have lived my life into adulthood without being in the public eye and of course without the fame. I have few friends, but I feel like God blessed me with a heart to love thousands of friends. One day that will come true and all of my fans will be those friends I always wished I had. I admire Whitney for her gift and you have given me so much more insight into the person she was through your documentary and reading your book. I do not have a desire to be her or be exactly as she was, but I know the magnitude of my calling is up there with hers. I have never even attended a concert before, but I believe that one day I will have many successful concerts. I also have this dream of doing a Whitney Houston Tribute Album because I do not feel that she has received the honor deserved either. I have gone on the internet looking for Whitney Houston Tribute bands and found NOTHING in the United States. Last year, I put an ad out to get a band together to do a tribute band, and I received ZERO interest and I was disappointed. However, there is one lady in Canada who does a great job with her Whitney Houston acts. I’m going to have gigs on cruise ships where all I do is sing her songs. My dream is to do a top notch tribute show for her. I know people miss her and I do very much. I had one casting director from NY compare me to her before with my “Whitney-isms,” but I have my own unique sound. I mostly want to have her spirit when I perform and to have people feel God's presence when I sing. I hope that her legacy will live on through people like you and me. Thank you, Quencie, for writing this book. It is so on time and so inspiring. This is not a coincidence that I am reading this right now. I just know it. I feel like God led me to your video on Youtube for a reason now. In fact, I am set to sing one of her songs at a special tour for industry VIPs in May. “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength”...that song really speaks to me and I plan to record a cover someday. I love you for doing the documentary because I really needed to see my favorite singer in a good light.

Chapter 7 My Love Is Your Love -Quencie. You did it again in this chapter. Over and over again, God is blessing you and rewarding you for your faith and persistence. I am reminded of the chapter when you wrote about how you were speechless and without words. Even in that, you will had great hope for your opportunity to meet Whitney to be something more. Your story ended up being a blessing to others and that is neat how Monica remembered you. You never gave up so looks like God truly did exceedingly abundantly far above all that you asked or thought of. That is His love.

Chapter 8 Shut Yo Mouth -“Don’t Get Ready. Stay Ready.” Can I put this on a t-shirt? Seriously, those last few lines of this chapter I really needed. I cannot believe in 12 months you were able to meet Whitney on 3 occasions. “Shut Yo Mouth” is exactly right. This story of moments with you and Whitney keeps getting better and better.

 Chapter 9 Quit Playing On the Phone - Quencie, this is a cute story and full of surprises. Your sister was so kind to humor you with your desire to have Whitney call you. That is great what she did. I would not have worn out Whitney’s number either. Good for you!

Chapter 10 - Chili and a Chicken Sandwich.  How wonderful for you to share this connection you have with Whitney with your best friend Tam, who produced the documentary with you. Thank you both for doing the video.

Chapter 11Shades of Black - I think it is really humble of her to pause and take pictures. You definitely had some guardian angels or something. I love that even while trying to stay off the radar, she still took that photo op with you.

Chapter 12 FRIENDnatic, not FANatic - O. My. Gosh. Quencie! Your moments with Whitney Houston are like no other stories I have heard. I actually never heard of you until I randomly stumbled across your documentary 2 days before. How wonderful it was for you to have Whitney as your first red carpet interview. Talk about God dreaming bigger dreams...I watched this footage of when she ran up to embrace you and it was beautiful. Whitney truly loved you and you were more than just a fan.

Chapter 13 The Day The Music Stopped -I know it was not easy for you to write this final chapter, but it meant a lot to have a friend of Whitney tell the story. I am appalled also that Whitney was not acknowledged or honored by those at the party when she died. To this very day I do not feel that all the artists that she paved the way for have given her due honor. In fact, she should have received just as much love as Prince did when he died. And then there is the movie that I hear did not portray her fairly. You know what Quencie? I think more can be done. Some people can get together and do a new movie and take footage from your documentary to create a beautiful movie that honors her and one that fans around the world can have to remember her by. Somebody call Tyler Perry! Artists from all around should come together to participate. The movie could be entitled something like, “Whitney: The Voice of Triumph.” A movie that focuses on what made her great. I’d love to be a part of something like that.

In Closing - Quencie, I really enjoyed reading your book as I feel it has brought me closer to Whitney in a way where I can understand her better. I am serious as a heart attack about stepping up to claim that seat that she left vacant. I want to have a vocal music school in her honor because of how beautiful her gift was. Whitney has reminded me to give my all with my gift. I will have the confidence that she had and take her advice. She said she could never sit behind a desk with her voice. God gave me a voice too and she was so very right. I cannot sit down on God or gift. - Latwanna Afflick 

Latwanna, this was the best thing I read all day. I appreciate you supporting and sharing your thoughts about my moments with Whitney.  If Latwanna's review inspired you to read a FREE chapter of Nothin' But Love or better yet download your own copy please click the banner link below.