Quencie Interviews Miki Howard

Back when I was in college I played Miki Howard's song, 'Come Share My Love' so much that my audio cassette tape almost broke. I love that song so much!  It was my first introduction to Miki's amazing voice which made me an instant fan. Fast forward years later in LA when I got to experience my very first Miki Howard concert at a jazz spot named 'Catalina' located on Sunset Boulevard.   Her show was exciting and fun. Miki leaves the crowd always wanting more.  

The super cool part was after the concert I actually got to sit down and interview her. This was my first celebrity sit down interview in LA so I was nervous beyond words, especially since I had her song on repeat during all my college years. Miki's personality was fun and immediately put me at ease. We had a good time and even became friends! I love me some Miki Howard! Watch below. 


Quencie Thomas

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